Thomas Rosen



I’m Susan. 57 year old.

I could tell you from all the times I traveled the world.
Once with my friend Bernice. We visited Switzerland and Austria. We climbed the Rocky Mountains. And went to the Everest in Nepal.

Journeys with other friends were warmer. Like with June. She brought me to Egypt and showed me pyramids, I couldn’t imagine the size of before.

My last stay was with Noah. With him, I visited New York. I sat on a bench in Bryant Park and looked at all the people coming down from the library steps.

I saw a lot in my life. For every place I have a stamp on my back. But now, I mostly live in the attic. I’m old now, sadly not good enough for another journey.

But I still get new memories.
The grandchildren sometimes visit me. They give photos of the places the enjoyed their life in. And they open me and wonder about the places I’ve seen.

I’m Susan. An old suitcase with stamps on its back.

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